Planting aplenty as revegetation works near completion

August 4, 2017

Following extensive works, revegetation of the Castlewood Parkway wetlands area is close to close-out. It’s been a busy project for our landscapers – over 40,000 plants, including 50 native species, have been installed since the project commenced in May 2014.

The core of this wetland area has been classed by the State Government as a Conservation Category Wetland, with the north-eastern area defined as a Resource Enhancement Wetland. All work has been undertaken in line with an approved Wetland Management Plan designed to protect and enhance the wetland values of the site, including the safeguarding of fauna habitat for wetland species including birds, frogs and reptiles. Big thanks go out to our green-fingered ground force made up of personnel from Prime Landscaping and Tranen Environmental who have done a truly outstanding job.

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