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BLETCHLEY PARK ISN’T JUST A GREAT ENVIRONMENT for your kids to grow up. It’s also a place where, from kindergarten to university, they will benefit from convenient access to some of the best education facilities in the State.

There are two primary schools located within the estate (Bletchley Park Primary and Southern Grove Primary) as well as a childcare centre and Early Learning Centre. Morning drop-offs couldn’t be easier – a five-minute stroll along landscaped walkways and you’re there. The kids can scooter or ride their bikes while you enjoy some fresh air in the morning sunshine.




A variety of quality schooling options are also available close by. These include Ranford Primary School, Campbell Primary School, Canning Vale Catholic Primary School, Thornlie Christian College, Southern River College (Gosnells), Carey Baptist College and Canning Vale College.

For parents of children beyond year 12 (or with educational requirements of their own) Murdoch and Curtin universities are easily accessible too. Murdoch University’s main campus on South Street is just 20 minutes by bus directly from Bletchley Park (no.517), while Curtin can be reached via bus or train from nearby Thornlie.