August 18, 2016

Even by Bletchley Park’s existing high levels of public open space, its newly-completed park at Lane Gardens represents a significant addition to the estate’s recreational assets. With a stream winding through it, family fun areas filled with children’s play equipment designed with an equestrian theme in a nod to the estate’s history as a horse stud, BBQ spaces, picnic shelters and kickabout zones, the park is the result of over two years’ detailed planning and community consultation – a process that has helped to shape some outstanding facilities as well as inspire some inventive engineering solutions.

Built around the concept of a ‘living stream’ (designed to act as both an attractive natural feature and functional drainage system), the park’s aesthetic appeal and family-friendly amenities are expected to see it rival the estate’s central lake for local popularity in the years to come. Its location, close to the proposed new primary school and oval, is also advantageous in this regard. “Having the proposed school oval immediately opposite will make it a vital and usable space for all sorts of activities and sports,” says Stuart Reside, General Manager at developers Urban Quarter. “This will enable the park to evolve into a natural community hub for the entire eastern wing of the estate.”

Whether its to kick the footy with the kids, walk your dog or just relax on the grass with a book in hand – you’ll love it! Come down and see it for yourself today, our park is located on Marnbu Road, Southern River (Off Balfour Street).

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